Benedict Brothers Series #1 | e-book short story


In “Watch Out for My Girl” Nash Benedict finds himself turning Benedict Arnold after promising to look after his brother’s girl while he serves in Afghanistan.

An accidental crush becomes an inappropriate affair of the heart, and that leads the characters headlong into a meeting with murder.

(“Watch Out For My Girl” was originally published in the MIRA Books hardcover anthology THRILLER 2: Stories You Just Can’t Put Down in May 2010.)

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    • E-Book Short Story
    • Publisher: Joan Mertens Johnston, Inc.
    • A Short Story edition| March 20, 2012
    • Price: $.99
“Watch Out for My Girl” features the eldest of the American Benedict Brothers, Nash Benedict. Nash is introduced in OUTCAST, which features his younger brother, Ben, and which is available in stores and on-line now Here’s how Nash is introduced in OUTCAST:

“I guess the rumors were wrong. You look fine to me.”

Ben’s head popped up from where he was pressing kisses to Anna’s throat beneath her ear. “How the hell did you get here?” he rasped, gaping at the intruder.

Anna jerked free of his embrace, staring with alarm at the intimidating man standing in the doorway dressed in jungle cammies and black jump boots.

She’d thought Ben Benedict was physically perfect. This man was a larger-than-life version of Ben. He was taller, even more broad-shouldered, with sharp cheekbones and hollowed cheeks, piercing blue eyes and very unmilitary black hair that hung over both brow and collar.”

“I wasn’t expecting you,” Ben said.

“The man in the doorway lifted an eyebrow, curved his lips into a smile, and shot Anna a wink. “Sorry to interrupt.”

Anna flushed to the roots of her blond hair. “I’ll leave the two of you to talk.”

“You’re not going to introduce me to your girl?” the man said, stopping Anna in her tracks.

“She’s not my girl,” Ben said with a snarl. “She’s my shrink.”

The big man chuckled. “Well, well.”

Anna approached the grinning man and asked, “Who are you?”

He jerked a thumb in Ben’s direction. “I’m his big brother. Nash Benedict, at your service, ma’am.”

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