Connected Books
The Sisters of the Lone Star

The Sisters of the Lone Star Series

Frontier Woman, Comanche Woman and Texas Woman

These books cover the history of the Republic of Texas from 1836-1846. The three women featured in this series, Sloan, Bayleigh and Creighton Stewart, were raised by their father as though they were sons, which complicates their efforts to find happiness with a man. The hero in FRONTIER WOMAN, the first book, is Texas Ranger Jarrett Creed; in the second, COMANCHE WOMAN, the hero is a half-breed Comanche, Walker Coburn; and in the third, TEXAS WOMAN, the hero is Don Cruz Guerrero, a Castilian Spaniard.

The Inheritance, Maverick Heart

The Inheritance and Maverick Heart

Minor British characters in THE INHERITANCE, which features a Texas bounty hunter who becomes a Duke, appear as the hero and heroine in MAVERICK HEART, where a British nobleman has to survive and find love in the rugged American West.

The Barefoot Bride, Outlaw's Bride

The Barefoot Bride & Outlaw’s Bride

THE BAREFOOT BRIDE is a Western mail-order bride story, where each party neglects to tell the other about their children–who aren’t at all happy to become part of a blended family. Patch, a spoiled brat who’s only twelve years old in THE BAREFOOT BRIDE finally wins Ethan Hawke’s love as a grown-up lady in OUTLAW’S BRIDE.

Captive Heart Series

The Captive Hearts series

Captive, After the Kiss, The Bodyguard and The Bridegroom

These four books set in Regency England and Scotland are connected through friends and family.

In CAPTIVE the American ward of an English nobleman turns the tables on him and captures his heart. AFTER THE KISS is a beauty and the beast story featuring the younger brother of the hero in THE BODYGUARD.

In THE BODYGUARD (no, it’s not connected to the Whitney Houston-Kevin Costner movie) the hero is the Duke of Blackthorne, who gets amnesia and, as a commoner, agrees to become the bodyguard of a woman who has every reason to hate the duke. In THE BRIDEGROOM, the grown-up twin daughters of the Duke of Blackthorne (who are only ten years old in AFTER THE KISS) find true love in Scotland.

Hawk’s Way Series

The contemporary Hawk’s Way series includes eleven Silhouette Desire novels and one novella and features the life and loves of three generations of a northwest Texas ranching family, the Whitelaws. Books in the Hawk’s Way series have been republished in hardcover, trade paperback-size collections or mass market paperback.

In order, the entire Hawk’s Way series includes the following titles: Honey and the Hired HanId, The Rancher and the Runaway Bride, The Cowboy and the Princess, The Wrangler and the Rich Girl, The Cowboy Takes a Wife, The Unforgiving Bride, The Headstrong Bride, The Disobedient Bride, The Temporary Groom, Hawk’s Way: The Virgin Groom, Hawk’s Way: The Substitute Groom, Sisters Found and a novella, “A Hawk’s Way Christmas” in a collection with Diana Palmer entitled, A Lone Star Christmas. . .And Other Gifts. Read more .

Bitter Creek Books

The story of two feuding Texas ranch families–the Blackthornes and the Creeds–one rich and prosperous, one struggling, and the animosity that’s existed between them since the Civil War. The Blackthornes are the modern-day descendents of the Duke of Blackthorne from the Captive Heart series. The Creeds (and Coburns and Guerreros are the modern-day descendents of characters from the Sisters of the Lone Star series.

THE NEXT MRS. BLACKTHORNE, A STRANGER’S GAME, SHATTERED, TEXAS BRIDE (also Book #1 of the Mail Order Bride Series) and WYOMING BRIDE (also Book #2 of the Mail Order Bride Series) and MONTANA BRIDE (also Book #3 of the Mail Order Bride Series.) A BITTER CREEK CHRISTMAS is an e-Novella and features five couples from favorite Bitter Creek novels. Summer and Billy, Kate and Wyatt, Owen and Bay, Joss and North, and Libby and Clay who have all come together to await the arrival of Libby and North’s long-lost brother, Matt Grayhawk, who returns home in SINFUL. The next Bitter Creek novel is SHAMELESS and due December 28, 2015.