Who’s That Sexy Guy?

PROJECT: Tie an old-fashioned hunky guy to one end of a ten-foot rope with a svelte, long-legged femme fatale on the other-no touching allowed!

OBJECTIVE: Spend 30 temptation-filled days and nights bound to stunning Jenny Smith, proving that men can see women as more than just sexual objects. Too bad Matt hadn’t agreed to be tied to someone less, well . . . tempting. Would having his perfect sexual fantasy just beyond his reach leave this confirmed bachelor longing for happily ever after?

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    • Ebook: 215 pages
    • Print: 179 pages
    • Publisher: Joan Mertens Johnston, Inc.; Coming Dec. 2016
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-13 Ebook: 978-0-9912507-4-5
    • ISBN-13 POD: 978-0-9912507-5-2
New York Daily News

“Johnston warms your heart and tickles your fancy.”

He’d been watching her for an hour, and it was beginning to make her nervous. He was well over six feet, broad-shouldered, and lean-hipped. Forty-five minutes ago he’d lit his first cigarette, and now she’d caught him throwing away the pack. Otherwise, he hadn’t seemed anxious, just attentive, as his gray eyes scanned her, then moved away to survey the other avant-garde art exhibits displayed in the small, but prestigious, Soho gallery. She’d started to approach him at last, but he was joined by another man, who looked harried, rumpled, and agitated, so she’d turned and edged away from the two of them. She felt the hairs rise on the back of her neck and shivered with anticipation. He was watching her again.

She’d been watching him for an hour, and it was beginning to make him nervous. He’d smoked half a damn pack of cigarettes in an effort to keep his mind off what he had to do, while he’d waited for George to arrive. The tall, slender blond appeared unperturbed by his study of her. Her eyes were as blue as the ocean on a sunny day, and looking into them had made his heart jump. That wasn’t supposed to happen. He had work to do, and it was time he got to it. He didn’t want to hurt her, but sometimes in his line of work, he didn’t have any choice.