I’m about half done with BB and have 200 wonderful pages telling Josie’s story that I would love to read–if I were the reader and not the writer–but I’ve gotten stuck at “the muddle in the middle.”

I’ve decided to share my writing process with you EVERY DAY as I finish up this book, in order to give you some idea what a writer goes through when putting a much-anticipated novel onto paper, in hopes that your desire to read this book will inspire me to finish it all the sooner.

I haven’t decided what format I’ll follow here, and it would help if you let me know what you’re most interested in knowing about my writing process. How many pages a day? How many hours a day? How I edit? How I decide what comes next? What I do during the day when I’m not writing? Or whatever else you may wonder.

I’ve attached one of the inspirational notes attached to my computer that help me keep in mind what makes a “great book.”
So here goes! jj