Dear Reader Letter – October 2015

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Dear Reader,

Happy Halloween! I couldn’t resist black-and-orange table decorations for my next dinner party, complete with spider web napkin rings and a pumpkin centerpiece. I usually have some way to indicate who sits where at my table. I’ve asked each of my guests to send me a baby / childhood picture to be put in a frame at their place. That’s me in the second grade.


Book News!

OutlawsBride_175OUTLAW’S BRIDE is out with a sexy new cover. At the end of my novel THE BAREFOOT BRIDE, a tomboy named Patch Kendrick does her best to persuade the man she loves, an outlaw named Ethan Hawke, to stay in Montana. But Ethan’s being hunted by a man seeking revenge, and he has to run. He promises to come find her “when she’s all grown up.” Patch turns herself into a lady and then waits. And waits. When Ethan doesn’t return, she goes hunting for him . . . and finds him in OUTLAW’S BRIDE. For those of you who’ve read THE BAREFOOT BRIDE—and for those of you who haven’t yet—here is the rest of the story.

If you haven’t gotten your hands on a copy of my latest anthology SECOND CHANCES, you won’t want to miss these two novellas: ONE SIMPLE WISH and A BITTER CREEK CHRISTMAS – the perfect Christmas gift! Now available in paperback through Amazon’s CreateSpace or do a digital download through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or wherever ebooks are sold. Or download each novella separately by clicking the links below.


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Take care and happy reading,