December Letter

December Letter

The first book in a brand new Benedict Brothers family series, INVINCIBLE, is in stores now. Some of you met the Benedicts in OUTCAST. Who knew that Foster Benedict had a younger brother, Bull? Or that banking heir Bull Benedict would marry Bella, the modern-day Duchess of Blackthorne!

I’m so enjoying writing this series, which features the (dying) Duchess of Blackthorne matchmaking for her four sons and daughter. Fabulous jewels–rubies, pearls, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds–each bearing a legend–assist the Duchess in her quest to help her children find true love. INVINCIBLE features the priceless Blackthorne Rubies, a gift to the first Duke of Blackthorne from Henry II for saving his life in a battle for the throne of England.

And speaking of England, I was there on a research trip this past June. Did a lot of sight seeing all the time visualizing events and scenes for upcoming books featuring the British branch of the Benedict family. For instance, here’s the castle I imagine belonging to the Duchess of Blackthorne. My research involved taking pictures (I had nearly 300 on my digital camera) of Berkeley Square, where my Dukes of Blackthorne have a home, and Grosvenor Square (which is the location of the American Embassy in Britain). See some on my Photo Album page!

As many of you know, I play tennis and my game has greatly improved since I began playing in a tennis league several years ago. Since competitive tennis plays an integral part in my new book, I spent some time at Wimbledon. Again, I took lots of pictures so that when I’m at my desk I can “see” it all. My own playing helps me to understand the game when at Wimbledon but when it comes to the numerous aches and pains associated with tennis, no visualization required!

After England, I flew directly to New York to watch Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks display from a schooner on the Hudson River.

While in New York, I attended Thrillerfest and, later in the month, Romance Writers of America’s annual conference in Orlando. Now, however, I’ve been at my desk for some time and am just writing the last pages of the next book in the Benedict Brothers family series, UNFORGETTABLE, Lydia’s story. The Ghost of Ali Pasha—a fabulous pearl necklace belonging to the Duchess of Blackthorne that Lydia borrowed from her mother without permission—is stolen and Lydia must find it—with the help of an ex-Delta army sergeant named Joe, who’s incognito as a private investigator.

Fans of my popular Bitter Creek Series will be pleased to know the I’ve signed a contract with Ballantine Bantam Dell to write a series of historical westerns called the Mail Order Brides. Four sisters marry historical characters who are forebears of characters in my contemporary Bitter Creek series (both Blackthorne and Creed) and men related to characters from my previous historical novels. So while I only write one book at a time, I’m always thinking in my head.

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Thank you for all your wonderful letters and emails. Your support and loyalty over all the years means a great deal to me.

Happy reading,

16 Comments to December Letter

  1. Shirley Leeper

    I love the book invincible can’t wait until the next book come out.

  2. Terri Talbott

    I am really enjoying Invincible and can not wait to read the next in the series, Lydia’s story, Unforgettable. Do you have a release date for it yet?
    Thank you,

  3. Margaret Wilks

    I just finished “Invincible” and thoroughly enjoyed this first story in the Benedict series! I am anxious to read Lydia’s story, but believe the mystery behind Oliver’s life will be also worth the wait. I love Bella and wish her her own “happily ever after” as well. Thanks!

  4. Claire Perron

    Live in Ft. Laud. Have read all your books, cant name one I like the best. They just don’t come off the press fast enough for me. I’m 82 read alot, have to use paperback as hands are a mess. Cant hold heavy hard cover.Good luck to you in 2011.

  5. Debby Gibson

    I read all your books and have enjoyed everyone. Love the new Benedict series. When will Lydia’s story be released? Cannot wait to read all the stories of Bella’s children. But hoping they’ll be a happy ending for Bella and Bull. Thank You, Debby 🙂

  6. Pauline

    I have loved reading your books since I read the first one my sister let me barrow two years ago! I loved Invincible and can not wait to go on the journey with you and the other characters in this series! I loved reading about the Blackthorne and Creed family as well. Its good news to know you will carry on their legends with other family members and all their tales. I hope this New Year brings you peace and good luck in story telling. Thanks!

  7. Judith Buckley

    I started reading your books 10 yrs ago while taking chemo, it sire helped pass the time and I could’nt wait for the next book! Thanks so much

  8. marla

    when is lydia’s story going to be releases?

  9. Carole

    I love your writing and enjoy all your books. My mom and I can’t wait for the new release of the Benedict series. Both of the Benedict books was hard to put down.


  11. Mary Jane Grabowski

    I enjoy your books so very much, I don’t want the stories to end. I search for your books hoping to find one that I haven’t already read and/or own. You are certainly a very talented lady and wish to thank you for sharing this talent with us through your books.

  12. Joyce Naugher

    I am a new Joan Johnston fan. Already have 50 of your books. Loved Bittercreek and Hawks Way Series and the Captive Heart series and The Benedict series. Wish you would write faster.

  13. Laura

    How often will the Benedict Brothers book be released? Will you have additional books about the characters from Outcast? I was surprised when I purchased Invinsible that it was an entirely different set of characters.

  14. Le Bradham

    Anxiously awaiting Unforgettable! When will it be in stores?

  15. alicia spellman

    i have read invisible and im waiting for the others but i hace been tryin so hard to find outcast when it be available again i loved reading invisible i could not put it down