Happy New Year from Joan!

Happy New Year from Joan!

While my son was visiting over the holidays, we recorded two more audio books: HAWK’S WAY: MAC and HAWK’S WAY: COLT, which will be available through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes later this month. These two books contain the sexiest, and most poignant first kiss scenes I have ever written.

During Blake’s visit, we hosted my final 2017 dinner party and talked about our goals for the New Year.  I like looking back to see which goals I’ve met (hooray!), and which ones I still need to work on (boo!). I’d love to hear what goals you’ve set for 2018.

Coming February 28, 2018

In New York Times bestselling author Joan Johnston’s scorching contemporary romance, a second chance at love may be the last.

When a sudden tornado of flame from a raging forest fire snuffs out both engines of the Twin Otter being piloted by Taylor Grayhawk, she locks eyes with the last man on the plane: her longtime enemy and one-time lover, smoke jumper Brian Flynn. Grayhawk and Flynn can’t agree on anything–not even how to escape their desperate situation. Once they’re on the ground, the only shelter they can find leaves the adversaries trapped together–with no way out.

Injured and starving, Taylor and Brian struggle to survive, yet somehow the threat of imminent death reignites something deep and powerful between them. Feelings they thought long dead rise from the ashes, suddenly making them more than just allies in a life-or-death struggle against nature’s fury. A still greater challenge awaits when fate delivers them from harm and puts their rekindled love to its ultimate test: Surrender to each other, or part forever.

To pre-order the third book in my Bitter Creek King’s Brats series, click here.  And watch for SULLIVAN’S PROMISE, the fourth book in the series, coming soon!

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