January Letter

January Letter

Dear Reader,

Another new year begins and I have lots planned as I’m sure you do as well.

I’m on a writing deadline and life is always a crunch at such times. After fifty books you’d think I’d be well-adjusted by now but I’m not. I still angst over each word, each chapter and the final book, tweaking and changing until I finally have to let it go. It’s a bit trite to say it’s like giving birth, but it does often seem like it to me!

And speaking about books, this year began with the release of two collections of Hawk’s Way books! The contemporary Hawk’s Way series includes eleven Silhouette Desire novels and one novella and features the life and loves of three generations of a northwest Texas ranching family, the Whitelaws. Over the years, books in the Hawk’s Way series have been republished in hardcover, trade paperback-size collections or mass market paperback. Since many of the original Hawk’s Way books are out-of-print this enables those readers who love this series to continue to enjoy them as well as new readers.

In order, the entire Hawk’s Way series includes the following titles: Honey and the Hired Hand, The Rancher and the Runaway Bride, The Cowboy and the Princess, The Wrangler and the Rich Girl, The Cowboy Takes a Wife, The Unforgiving Bride, The Headstrong Bride, The Disobedient Bride, The Temporary Groom, Hawk’s Way: The Virgin Groom, Hawk’s Way: The Substitute Groom, Sisters Found and a novella, “A Hawk’s Way Christmas” in a collection with Diana Palmer entitled, A Lone Star Christmas. . .And Other Gifts.

The two newly-released collections are: Hawk’s Way: Rebels which includes The Temporary Groom and The Virgin Groom. Hawk’s Way: Carter & Falcon has two stories. The Cowboy Takes a Wife and The Unforgiving Bride. I hope you enjoy these reader favorites!

Now back to writing the last pages of the next book in the Benedict Brothers family series, UNFORGETTABLE, Lydia’s story. The Ghost of Ali Pasha—a fabulous pearl necklace belonging to the Duchess of Blackthorne that Lydia borrowed from her mother without permission—is stolen and Lydia must find it—with the help of an ex-Delta army sergeant named Joe, who’s incognito as a private investigator.

Wishing you all the best in this new year!

Happy Reading,

30 Comments to January Letter

  1. Carol Campbell

    Dear Ms. Johnston, I was wondering when Unforettable will be out. I just read Invincible and it was one of the best books I have ever read. So if you could tell me when unforgettable will be out I would appreciate it.


  2. Christi

    Ms. Johnson, I agree with Carol, Invincible is one of the best books I have read lately. How long do I have to wait for Unforgettable ?

  3. Carol Campbell

    You never gave date for the next on the Benedcits unforgettable. Any idea when she will be done with it. It said when I read the back pages she had started on it.
    Thank you for answering me, I appreciate it.


  4. Jana Mason

    Will you be doing any more books in the Bitter Creek series? I loved every single one of them and was hoping for more. Thanks!!!!

    • Deb

      I love them too and was wondering the same thing, i just can’t put them down, please, please more..

    • Ranea Bell

      Dear Ms Johnston,
      I recently read 1 of your Bitter Creek series and I have to say wow!! I am normally a very tough cookie to please when it comes to these types of books but A Stranger’s Game blew me away. I just have to ask … when do we find out what happens between Kate and Jack? Does she ever get better? Who are the twins’ real father? Where is the best place to start this series? Where is the best place to start the Hawk’s way series?

      • Brenda R

        The first book in this series is The Cowboy. I agree that it is the BEST series she or ANYONE has ever written. Right from the beginning you fall in love with the Blackthorne and Creeds. Both families grab your heart and your emotions. And Kate and Jack’s story is SHATTERED. There is a surprise in that book with TWO heros and heroines.

        • Ranea Bell

          Thank you for that information, now I have to definately go out and find that book. I can’t wait to read SHATTERED now cause I just want to know what happens with Jack and Kate.

    • Carolyn

      Can you give me the titles of all the Bitter Creek series. I have two “The Next Mrs. Blackthorne and The Cowboy”. Just want to know if there are others and if they are available.

  5. Terri B.

    I also am wondering when unforgettable will be released. I keep checking amazon and borders but still nothing. I love your books.

    Have a great day.

  6. Morgan F.

    I too am looking for unforgettable

  7. Lee

    Hi Joan,i was wondering if Jake and Hope had a book out(in the Hawks Way series?)You talked alot about them in the substitute groom but i can’t find the rest of their story. Thank you Lee BTW love your books

    • Charity


      Jake and Hope’s story can be found in Joan’s book Sisters Found.


    • I’m also waiting for unforgettable. If you could(pretty please) let us no when it will b out. Oh and by the way I read invincible and I thought the p.i.’s name was Sam not Joe like it said in ur January letter. I’m not trying to insult u, just clarifying. Or mabey that’s part of the plot, that a diff pi shows up I don’t kno. Just wanted to makes sure I and evry1 else had the right name. <3. 🙂

  8. Helen Thomasson

    I have enjoyed every one of your books i have read, and thats alot.


  9. Brenda Fondessy

    Would you please let me know when Unforgettable will be available? Thanks!

  10. Carol Ritter

    I love your books. I look forward to reading the new one. Hang in there it will come. 🙂

  11. Rachel G.


    In Shattered, Jack finds out that he has a daughter who is a Whitelaw. She is studying at Quantico, is there a story connecting the two? WIll there be a book on the grown daughter and will she let Jack into her life?

  12. Rose Clews

    Just finished reading “A Strangers Game” —Loved, loved, loved it! (from 2008)
    Is there a continuing story about Kate and Jack — I thought there must be!

    • Ranea Bell

      Rose I know what you mean, the book was totally awesome and just makes you want to find that next book where you find out about Jack and Kate and if she ever gets any better or if J.D. ever comes back or his mom makes Jack’s life miserable.

  13. Debbie Jordan

    your books are over the top..I can’t put them down…awaiting the follow up in Unforgettable..when is it out? My 2 sisters and I buy your books and then share them with each other..thanks for some Great reading..I love to escape into your stories…

  14. Karen G

    Just discovered your writing when I picked up Invincible and could not put it down! Read the entire book in one sitting – one day! I agree with the other posts – cannot wait to read the next in the series.

  15. Sherrill James

    I just came across one of your books last year and have now read everyone I can find. In one of your earlier books there was an excerp from one “Daisy and the Duke”. But I can’t find a reference to this in any of your lists. Can you tell me anything about this one?


  16. Rita Poteet

    Please add me to your mailinglist. Thanks!

  17. hi..im camille from the philippines…i really love your books.

  18. Wow, my sister and I have just discovered your books and love them. I finished reading Invincible and absolutely loved it.

  19. Deb

    When is Unforgettable coming out?

  20. Inita

    I too read Invincible and was sorry when I finished it. I wanted more can’t wait f
    or the next book. I know you keep hearing this but when is it coming out.

    Thank You

  21. Rondallyn

    Hi, Joan,
    Just letting you know that I too am waiting for Unforgettable to come out. But the one I am really looking forward to is the re-release of “a Hawk’s Way Christmas”, I have all of your books but have never been able to find this one, even under Diane Palmers name. Hope it is soon!!!

  22. myrna

    Hi Joan,
    I know you keep hearing this but when will Unforgattable be released? I cannot wait!!!!