June Letter

June Letter

Dear Reader,

It’s mid-year and so much has changed since I wrote to you earlier this year!

At that time I was working on the next book in the Benedict Brothers family series, UNFORGETTABLE, Lydia’s story. I discovered plot elements I wanted to research further, and since I’m spending much of the summer in England, I decided to postpone finishing UNFORGETTABLE to do just that.

The good news is that my suitcases are nearly packed! I leave for England in just a few days. I’m convinced the wait will ultimately result in an even more exciting book about the Duchess of Blackthorne and her children.

There’s more good news, especially for readers who enjoy my popular Bitter Creek series. I’ve just finished TEXAS BRIDE, which will be in stores March 2012! This historical western is the first in a BRAND NEW Mail Order Bride series from Ballantine Bantam Dell.

Four sisters will marry historical characters in Texas, Wyoming and Montana who are forebears of the characters in my contemporary Bitter Creek series (both Blackthorne and Creed) and men related to characters from my previous historical novels. It’s been such fun for me to revisit these families! Perhaps I left my heart in the Old West after all . . .

My publisher plans to re-issue THE COWBOY, THE TEXAN and THE LONER with a Buy 1 Get a Free Copy of TEXAS WOMAN coupon. Keeping checking my website for further details.

I’m spending the summer in a lovely home near Wimbledon. There’s a small cottage in the back garden that’s perfect as a writing office. I’ll be writing each day along with attending Wimbledon tennis matches and even the Wimbledon Ball! I’ve bought a special dress for the occasion. I’ll also have some visitors, including my daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren. I’m eager to reach England and for the summer to begin!

I’ll be blogging about my summer, so be sure and come back. I’m also loading up my Kindle and plan to catch up on my reading. I hope your summer will be equally relaxing and enjoyable.

Happy reading,


14 Comments to June Letter

  1. Kathleen

    Joan, have a wonderful summer… I will be waiting for Unforgettable to hit the stores… Please oh please make it soon..
    I will also look forward to Texas Bride… Love the Creeds and the Blackthorns…

    Save journey

  2. Catherine

    I hope you have a wonderful trip in London. I can hardly wait until Unforgettable gets out. I love all your books. I try to keep up as I am in my 70’s. life is good and even better with your books.. I will be waiting also for the Texas Bride series… Catherine

  3. dee cherry

    I’m a huge fan of your creed and Blackthorne series. I have read all that are in print. Can’t wait till more come out!!!!!!

  4. Terrie & Frances

    We really enjoy your stories! Have a save and fun travels. I’m with the everyone else cannot wait for the NEXT one. :o)

  5. Linda

    I love your books. The BitterCreek Series and Sisters of the Lone Star I like best. Have a wonderful summer and I can’t wait for your next book.

  6. Kathy

    I must admit that I am new to your books after having discovered that reading other authors and liking them doesn’t mean I’m disloyal to my fave authors. I just got a Kindle, and I’m reading Hawk’s Way: Faron & Garth. Love it! Wish I could afford to download the whole series at once! That’s the problem with a Kindle, the eyes get bigger than the wallet. I look forward to more of your books.

  7. Joyce Deckler

    I’m reading the Bitter Creek series in ebook. I wish the Captive Heart series was also in ebook. I actually started with the Benedict Brothers and am working my way through the other books. I like the dialogue in the Benedict Brothers series especially.

  8. Sherri

    I picked up “The Texan” at a thrift store. My daughter just moved to Austin, TX from here in Virginia and I’ve visited her there twice so far. I thought…hmmm…a book based in Texas, might be good. I absolutely LOVED it and I couldn’t put it down. I then read “The Cowboy” and now I’m reading “The Loner”. I can’t wait to read all of the Bitter Creek series. I just read four James Patterson novels in a row and now I’m on Joan Johnston novels! As a teacher, this is the time I have to read the most and it’s been awesome! You are my NEW favorite author and I’m telling all of my friends about you and your books. What a wonderful find at the thrift store!

  9. Stephanie

    I just finished “The Price” and loved it. When will you or have you written about Kate, Jack, Lucky and Chance? I look forward to reading about these families.

  10. Cammy

    Is the Sisters of the Lone Star Series suppose to be republished tomorrow 8/7/11? I am so excited! I can’t wait for Texas Bride!!! As soon as I put one of your books down I can’t wait to start another! I want to start The Price next that is book #4 in the series right? Love these books!

  11. Millie

    Just finished reading ‘Invincible’ – wonderful story. Looking forward to “Unforgettable”. I’m sure you will have a great story for “Lydia” also. I’m a long time fan, have read most of your books. I love the Creed and Blackthorne series. Hope you’re having a wonderful summer, Joan.

  12. I just finish the book The the book The Strangers Game, enjoyed it alot until I got to the ending. I didn’t like it. what became of Kate, did she ever wake up, did her and Jack ever get together? I am now reading The Price love it so far

  13. Deb


    Read “Shattered” for the continuation of Kate’s story!

  14. Arlene

    Just read Invincible. Was the first book of yours I have read, and it was great. Can’t wait for the others, know they will be great! Will look forward to reading past books you have written. Have a great summer in England. I vacationed in Europe about 10 years ago during the month of June and it was absolutely a beautiful place to be. We toured all over England and Europe.