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Bestselling, award-winning author Joan Johnston has written fifteen historical romances, twelve mainstream contemporary romances, fifteen contemporary category romances and eight novellas (50 books). She currently writes for Random House Publishing Group.

The Bitter Creek Series (Contemporary Novels)

1. The Cowboy – February 2000 Mass Market, Dell Island; Reissued August 2013
2. The Texan – March 2001 Mass Market, Dell Island
3. The Loner – April 2002 Mass Market, Reissued January 2015
4. The Price – March 2003 (hardcover), Mass Market February 2004
5. The Rivals – September 2004 Mass Market
6. The Next Mrs. Blackthorne – September 2005 Mass Market
7. A Stranger’s Game – March 2008 Hardcover / 2009 Mass Market
8. Shattered – January 2010 Mass Market
9. Sinful – May 2015 Mass Market
10. Shameless – Coming December 2015 Mass Market
11. Surrender – Coming Soon (Mass Market)

The Bitter Creek Series (Historical Novels)

1. Texas Bride – April 2012 Mass Market
2. Wyoming Bride – January 2013 Mass Market
3. Montana Bride – January 2014 Mass Market, reprinted January 2015
4. Blackthorne’s Bride – Coming Soon for Mass Market

Books Connected to the Bitter Creek Series (Historical Novels)

Sisters of the Lone Star Series

PREQUEL to THE BITTER CREEK SERIES! These books cover the history of the Republic of Texas from 1836-1846. The three women featured in this series, Sloan, Bayleigh, and Creighton Stewart, were raised by their father as though they were sons, which complicates their efforts to find happiness with a man. The hero in the first book is Texas Ranger Jarrett Creed; in the second, the hero is a half-breed Comanche, Walker Coburn; and in the third, the hero is Don Cruz Guerrero, a Castilian Spaniard.

1. Frontier Woman – August 7, 2001, Dell (Reprint)
2. Comanche Woman – November 26, 2002, Dell (Reprint)
3. Texas Woman – October 2003, Dell (Reprint)

Captive Hearts Series

These four books set in Regency England and Scotland are connected through friends and family. In CAPTIVE the American ward of an English nobleman turns the tables on him and captures his heart. AFTER THE KISS is a beauty and the beast story featuring the younger brother of the hero in THE BODYGUARD. In THE BODYGUARD (no, it’s not connected to the Whitney Houston-Kevin Costner movie) the hero is the Duke of Blackthorne, who gets amnesia and, as a commoner, agrees to become the bodyguard of a woman who has every reason to hate the duke. In THE BRIDEGROOM, the grown-up twin daughters of the Duke of Blackthorne (who are only ten years old in AFTER THE KISS) find true love in Scotland.

1. Captive – 1996, Dell
2. After the Kiss – 1997, Dell
3. The Bodyguard – 1998, Dell; Reissued March 2008
4. The Bridegroom – 1999, Dell; Reissued March 2008

The Benedict Brothers Series (Contemporary Novels)

1. Outcast – July 2009 Mass Market Original
2. Invincible – November 2010 Mass Market Original
3. Unforgettable – November 2014 for Ebook and POD

Hawk’s Way Series (Contemporary Novels)

1. Fit to Be Tied – 1988, Silhouette Desire, Famous Firsts Collection, Sept. 2009
2. Marriage By the Book – 1989, Silhouette Desire
3. Never Tease a Wolf – 1991, Silhouette Desire, Reissued April 2001, MIRA Books
4. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing- 1991, Silhouette Desire, Reissued June 2002
5. Honey and the Hired Hand – 1992, Silhouette Desire, Reprinted 2004, HQN
6. A Little Time in Texas – 1992, Silhouette Desire
7. The Rancher and the Runaway Bride – 1993, Silhouette Desire
8. The Cowboy and the Princess – 1993, Silhouette Desire
9. The Wrangler and the Rich Girl – 1993, Silhouette Desire
10. The Cowboy Takes a Wife – 1994, Silhouette Desire
11. The Unforgiving Bride – 1994, Silhouette Desire
12. The Headstrong Bride – 1994, Silhouette Desire
13. The Disobedient Bride – 1995, Silhouette Desire (RITA nominee)
14. The Temporary Groom – 1996, Silhouette Desire
15. The Virgin Groom – August 1997, Silhouette Desire
16. The Substitute Groom – August 1998, Silhouette Desire
17. Sisters Found – December 2002, Reissue April 2008, MIRA Books

Hawk’s Way Series – Reprint Collections (Contemporary Novels)

1. Big Sky Country – 2004, Mira Books, Mass Market
(Never Tease a Wolf / A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing)
2. Texas Brides – October 2005, HQN, Hardcover
(The Rancher and the Runaway Bride/The Bluest Eyes in Texas)
3. Hawk’s Way Brides – October 2005, HQN Books – Hardcover
(The Unforgiving Bride/ The Headstrong Bride/ The Disobedient Bride)
4. Hawk’s Way Grooms – January 2010, HQN Books, Mass Market
(The Virgin Groom / The Substitute Groom)
5. Hawk’s Way: Bachelors – 2000, HQN Books, Mass Market
(The Rancher and the Runaway Bride/The Cowboy and the Princess / The Wrangler and the Rich Girl)
6. Hawk’s Way: Rogues – 2001, HQN Books, Mass Market
(Honey and the Hired Hand /The Cowboy Takes a Wife / The Temporary Groom)
7. Hawk’s Way: Faron & Garth – January 2010, HQN Books, Mass Market
(The Cowboy and the Princess / The Wrangler and the Rich Girl)
8. Hawk’s Way: Callen & Zach – April 2010, HQN Books, Mass Market
(The Headstrong Bride/The Disobedient Bride)
9. Hawk’s Way: Carter & Falcon – January 2011, HQN Books, Mass Market
(The Cowboy Takes a Wife/The Unforgiving Bride)
8. Hawk’s Way: Rebels – January 2011, HQN Books, Mass Market
(The Temporary Groom/The Virgin Groom)

Contemporary Single Titles (Not Connected Books)

1. I Promise – June 1996, Reissued January 2014, Avon
2. Heartbeat – September 1997, Reissued January 2014, Avon

Historical Single Titles (Not Connected Books)

1. No Longer a Stranger – 2005, Pocket Books
Originally Released as: A Loving Defiance, Feb.1985, Tapestry
2. Colter’s Wife – 1985, Pocket Books, Reissued 2003, 2005, 2012
3. Sweetwater Seduction – 1991, Dell, 2004 Reprint
4. Kid Calhoun – 1993, Dell

Connected Historical Novels

A Western mail-order bride story in which each party neglects to tell the other about their children who aren’t at all happy to become part of a blended family. Patch, a spoiled brat who’s only 12 years old in THE BAREFOOT BRIDE, finally wins Ethan Hawke’s love as a grown-up lady in OUTLAW’S BRIDE.

1. The Barefoot Bride—Jan. 1992, Dell
2. Outlaw’s Bride—Nov. 1993, Dell

Minor British characters in THE INHERITANCE (working title was DAISY AND THE DUKE) which features a Texas bounty hunter who becomes a Duke, appear as the minor hero and heroine in MAVERICK HEART where a British nobleman has to survive and find love in the rugged American West.

1. The Inheritance—1995, Dell
2. Maverick Heart—1995 , Dell


1. Untamed Maverick Hearts—One Simple Wish, 1993 Harlequin
2. To Have and To Hold—The Man from Wolf Creek, 1994, Avon
3. A Christmas Together—The Christmas Baby, 1994, Avon
4. The Men of Bitter Creek—November 2004, Avon Books
(The Man from Wolf Creek/The Christmas Baby—Novella Reprints)
5. Second Chances (Two Novellas) – One Simple Wish & A Bitter Creek Christmas, 2015 (eBook and POD)


1. Abduction and Seduction (Diana Palmer, Joan Johnston, Rebecca Brandewyne), The Bluest Eyes in Texas, March 1995, Harlequin
2. Outlaws and Heroes (Joan Johnston, Dallas Schulze, Mallory Rush), Taming the Lone Wolf, Sept. 1995, Harlequin
3. Joan Johnston Bestsellers, A Little Time in Texas, Honey and the Hired Hand, and The Rancher & the Runaway Bride, 1999, Silhouette
4. Taming the Lone Wolf (Joan Johnston with Vicki Lewis Thompson), 2001, Harlequin
5. The Bluest Eyes in Texas (Joan Johnston with Carolyn Zane) , 2002, Harlequin
6. More Than Words, Volume 6, (Joan Johnston, Robyn Carr, Christina Skye, Rochelle Alers, Maureen Child), Almost Lost, April 2010, Harlequin
7. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (Joan Johnston with Cara Summers), 2011, Harlequin
8. Hot Pursuit (Joan Johnston, Anne Stuart, Mallory Rush), 1999, Harlequin
9. Spouse for Hire (Joan Johnston, Kasey Michaels, Lee Magner), 1999, Silhouette
10. Coming Home (Premiere with Sylvia Day, Allison Brennan, Cindy Gerard, Sabrina Jeffries, Joan Johnston, Laura Kaye, Courtney Milan, Monica Murphy, Vicki Lewis Thompson, and more), Feb 2015 Romance Writers of America


1. Thriller 2: Watch Out for My Girl, May 2009, MIRA Books
2. Lone Star Christmas, A Hawk’s Way Christmas, Nov. 1997, Silhouette

E-book Only

1. Watch Out for My Girl, 2011 (in print in Thriller 2)
2. A Bitter Creek Christmas (A Bitter Creek Novella), 2013
3. One Simple Wish, 2015

Recorded Books

1. Hawk’s Way The Substitute Groom, 1998, Brilliance Corporation
2. Never Tease a Wolf, 2001, DH Audio
3. The Price, 2003, Simon and Schuster Audio
4. The Next Mrs. Blackthorne, 2005, Recorded Books (Cassette)
5. A Stranger’s Game, 2008, Audioworks, Simon and Schuster
6. Montana Bride, 2014, Recorded Books
7. Heartbeat, 2014, Recorded Books
8. I Promise, 2014, Recorded Books
9. Sinful, 2015, Recorded Books (Coming Soon!)