Dear Reader,

I can’t believe it’s fall! The aspens are turning gold here in Colorado, and it’s perfect football weather. I recently celebrated my birthday in Seattle, and Debbie Macomber invited me to watch the Seahawks vs. Jaguars game in her box. When I showed up, Debbie was knitting (no surprise!), but she’s been working on this sweater so long, the Seahawks have already changed their colors (to lime green).

We were visited by Susan Mallery, who also has a box at the game and had a great chance to talk books and dish about Debbie’s new Cedar Cove series on the Hallmark Channel. [pix at top of blog: Susan is on the left, Debbie is on the right, and the one smiling in the middle is me].

Fall News!

So many of you have written to me that you “can’t wait” to read MONTANA BRIDE, the third book in my Mail-Order Bride series, that I’ve decided to have the October contest on my website so one lucky winner can read the book two months before it hits the shelves! The drawing winner will receive an autographed copy of the corrected galleys for MONTANA BRIDE along with an autographed copy of the sale cover of the book. Good luck!

Montana Bride cover flat

I’ve just signed a contract with Random House for another series of Bitter Creek novels. The series will feature King Grayhawk’s three youngest daughters, “King’s Brats,” and the sons of King’s bitter rival, Angus Flynn, better known as “those Flynn boys.” The first book is titled Grayhawk Sin and should be available next year about this time.

For those of you waiting for Josie’s story, Blackthorne’s Bride, keep an eye on my website, and I’ll let you know when it’s available.

Take care,