Ask Joan to Speak . . .

Joan would love to speak for your organization or local RWA Chapter!

For RWA Chapters:

Joan doesn’t charge a speaking fee for chapter meetings. Joan would need roundtrip coach airfare and overnight accommodations.

For other writer’s organizations & RWA Chapters:

Joan also does a full-day workshop which is called “How to Write a Book that Will Sell”

The fee for the full day workshop (five to six hours with questions) is $1,000, plus $520 for a paperback Joan Johnston book for each attendee, plus coach airfare and overnight accommodations.

The all-day workshop would include:
    • Choosing a Profitable Genre (When Writing a Book of the Heart)
    • The Importance of Theme/Voice
    • Writing books in a series. . .or not
    • Learning the Mechanics: plotting, point of view, verisimilitude, tag lines, narrative vs. dialogue, sex scenes, the five senses, setting, chapter hooks, pacing, the muddle in the middle, conflict, emotion, character and all that jazz
    • Reading to Learn
    • Editing Your Own Work vs. Critique Groups
    • Writing the Query Letter and Synopsis
    • Finding/submitting to an agent/editor
    • The publishing/agency contract

Besides being the New York Times bestselling author of 50 novels and novellas, including category, contemporary and historical romance and romantic thrillers, with more than ten million copies of her books in print in 19 languages in 25 countries, Joan has also been an attorney and frequently represented herself as an agent and negotiated contracts with publishers and agents. The review of the publishing contract is intended to show authors what they should be watching out for when they read their contracts.

For more information about workshops offered and availability or if you have different speaking needs than those stated above, please contact Joan through her publicist. Joan would love to speak for your organization or local RWA Chapter and looks forward to hearing from you.

Sally Schoeneweiss
Talk Ink, Inc.

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