New Reissue – Available May 8, 2018


This delightful novel tells the story of a prickly spinster schoolteacher, a small Wyoming town, and the irresistible stranger who sets out to seduce them both.

    • Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages
    • Publisher: Joan Mertens Johnston, Inc.
    • Language: English
    • ISBN: 978-0-440-20561-6
    • Ebook ISBN: 978-0-440-33519-1
He sat in the reception chair, which he had dragged off the India carpet. His eyes were closed. She saw why he had moved the chair. A pool of blood had gathered on the hardwood floor beneath him. His face was gray. There wasn’t a sign of life. She walked slowly toward him, her body blocking the light and making a shadow on his face. Apparently that was enough to rouse him. His eyes opened and he looked at her from beneath lowered lids, appearing almost drugged.

“How are you?” she whispered.

“I’ve felt better.”

“What happened?”

“Got shot.”

“Who did it?”

“Don’t know.”

“What are you doing here?”

He grinned crookedly. “Reckon I’m bleeding to death.”