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Taming the Lone Wolf

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Taming the Lone Wolf

Contemporary Novellas

From New York Times bestselling author Joan Johnston, a heartwarming fan-favorite story of what it means to risk your whole heart for the one you love.

A lone wolf like Stony Carlton isn’t easy to tame. Commitment may be fine for other men, but Stony is a born rambler and refuses to be tied down, even to the right woman. Because how could such a person really exist?

But then he meets the spirited Tess Lowell, a small-town waitress with emotional scars of her own, thanks to an ugly divorce. And, somehow, as the straight-talking redhead slowly earns a place in his heart, he can’t help but think about what it might be like to give up his roaming ways . . . 


STONY CARLTON TOOK A BITE OF HIS HAMBURGER and tried not to listen to the scene unfolding behind the counter of the Buttermilk Café between the waitress and a guy who seemed to be her boss.  For a man used to solving other people’s problems with his wits—and now and then a gun—it was impossible not to eavesdrop, given the agitation in the woman’s voice.

          He looked around the empty café. No one else was there to come to her rescue except him—and he wasn’t exactly the knight-in-shining-armor type.

          “Come on, Bud.  I’ve told you I’m not interested,” the woman said.

          “Aw, Tess, just one little kiss.”

          “I said no.”

          “You oughta have  little more gratitude, seein’ as how I let you leave so early in the day.”

          “You let me leave early because I come in two hours before everyone else,” the woman replied with what Stony considered amazing composure.

          “Yeah, well, you owe me for givin’ you a job when you had no experience.”

          “I’ve got experience now, Bud, a whole year of it.  I’ve got work to do, so if you’ll just let me by—”

          Stony heard muffled sounds suggesting a struggle.  He set down his burger, wiped his hands on a paper napkin, and threw it down as he left his booth headed for the counter.  The man, Bud, had the woman, Tess, backed up against the wall beside the coffeemaker.  She was fending off his attempts to kiss her, turning her head away and shoving vainly at his burly shoulders.

          “Hey, Bud,” Stony said.

          Bud turned and glared, clearly irritated at being interrupted.  “What?”

          “Let the lady go.”

          “Butt out, mister.”

          “Afraid I can’t do that,” Stony said.

          “Yeah? So what are you gonna do about it?” Bud snarled.

          Stony was over the counter in an instant, as though it wasn’t there.  He grabbed Bud by the scruff of his food-stained T-shirt and slammed him against the wall, holding him there with his arm rigid, his palm pressed against the center of Bud’s chest.

          The waitress shot out of the way and stood at the kitchen door, hands clutched together, green eyes wide with fright.

          Stony ignored Bud as though he were a bug on the wall and turned his attention to the woman.  “You all right, ma’am?”

          She nodded her head jerkily.

          Stony had been in the Buttermilk Café probably once a month in the past year, yet he hadn’t paid any attention to the waitress.  Since he’d sworn off women a couple of years ago, he’d made it a point not to spend his time looking at the pretty ones, so he wouldn’t be tempted to go back on his promise to himself.

          Tess was definitely pretty.



KJ – 5-Star Amazon Customer Review

“Short fabulous read from Joan Johnston! I never pass up reading a Joan Johnston book and I knew from about page 20 that I was going to give it five stars! Stony, Tess, and Rose were so well written and their dialogue moved quickly and realistically. I love the fact that it was a short and sexy romance. John Johnston has a winner an enjoyable read with a twist at the end! The book left me with a smile on my face! I was satisfied by the book and recommend it wholeheartedly!”


Print Length: 64 pages
Publisher: Harlequin, November 16, 2015
Language: English


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