THE TEXAN in Audio

Bitter Creek Book #2


Set against a majestic backdrop of sprawling modern-day Texas, The Texan weaves a tale of two feuding families–the Blackthornes and the Creeds–and of two extraordinary people, loner Owen Blackthorne and beautiful, headstrong Bayleigh Creed, irresistibly drawn to each other despite the desperate odds against their love.

Owen Blackthorne was a lone wolf, a man who didn’t need anyone. Until Bayleigh Creed appeared on his doorstep, demanding his help into the desolate West Texas wilderness together, a Blackthorne and a Creed, mortal enemies obliged to join forces to survive. Neither counted on the unwanted attraction that drew them together, or the bitter truths that would force them apart. Until the ruthless wilderness compelled them to make life-and-death choices–between family . . . and duty . . . and love.

    • Format: Audio
    • Publisher: Joan Mertens Johnston, Inc. (Coming December 2017)
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