Getting the New Year started right . . .
As the New Year begins, I’m reflecting on the past year with gratitude for all your support. I wouldn’t be here without you! To celebrate the New Year, I’ve got my table set in silver, white, and red. I’m always looking for new ways to have fun with my guests. In the New Year, I plan to feature a special cocktail and find new activities they can enjoy, like painting with acrylics, doing a quick puzzle, or actively participating in the meal preparation. Thanks to my Christmas cookie baking, I now own eight aprons! Hope you have great plans for the coming year!
January Contest
Enter to win a $25 gift card, Amazon or Barnes & Noble, your choice, plus a beautiful bar of scented soap that I picked up while doing research in Missoula. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners will also receive a handmade scented “Maiden Montana” soap. Click here to enter to win.

While doing research for SULLIVAN’S PROMISE, I came across a giant grizzly bear. Fortunately it was encased in glass at the Missoula airport. Even though one of the characters in my book gets mauled by a bear, I’m happy not to have met up with a grizzly in person.

Sullivan’s Promise Available April 30

Two unforgiving lovers reunite for the sake of their child in this fiery sequel to Surrender.
Facing the unexpected consequences of a life-altering night of passion with a cowboy she met in a Jackson Hole bar, and with her life committed to protecting endangered species, Victoria Grayhawk does what she believes is the right thing. She hunts down the cowboy, seeking his agreement that their baby should be adopted by a loving family.

Montana rancher Ryan Sullivan has no intention of giving away his own flesh and blood, and takes their son to raise himself. When Vick realizes what a horrible mistake she’s made, and wants back into their child’s life, Rye remains inflexible—because once trust is lost there are no second chances—until an attack by one of the grizzlies Vick has spent her life protecting changes everything and Rye learns that sometimes love can heal all wounds.

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Sullivan's Promise

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