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Mike’s Story is Here!

I’ve set a table to entertain this month, but I’m not sure I’m going to invite folks to the house. I just got over Influenza A, which took about two weeks, and I’m “waiting to see” how bad the coronavirus will affect folks where I live. I did cancel my plans to spend six weeks in Florence, Italy, on the advice of friends living there (a good thing, since Italy has quarantined its entire country), and I’m debating whether to get on a plane in April to visit a close friend in Texas.

There’s an upside to being “stuck” at home: I’ll have more time to work on the next Benedict Brothers novel, Irresistible. I’m reading Invincible and Unforgettable right now to remind me of everyone’s names, ages, eye color, and who’s doing what with whom. My goal is to finish Irresistible before school is out this year. I’ll let you know when it’s available.

Winter Magic is On Sale Now!

Yippee! My Bitter Creek novella Winter Magic (Mike’s story, continued from Sullivan’s Promise) is available now in digital form for $2.99. If you prefer to get your hands on a print copy, you’ll be able to buy that within the next few days. I love this novella and hope you do, too! Click here to find out when it’s available in print, or to get your copy today.

Here’s the back cover teaser:

In the five years since Mike Sullivan’s face was destroyed by a grizzly, he’s become a lone wolf, working on his family’s Montana ranch by day and retreating to a log cabin at night. When he discovers a woman and her four-year-old daughter huddled in a stalled truck during a blizzard, he has no choice except to bring them to his isolated cabin in the woods.
Joanna Henderson is grateful when a mysterious stranger–only his blue eyes are visible behind a concealing scarf–offers to help, but going with him may be more perilous than staying where she is. Joanna becomes truly frightened when she finally sees the stranger’s ruined face and realizes that, once again, she’s at the mercy of a dangerous man she doesn’t trust.
Between a woman’s need and a man’s loneliness the buds of friendship flower into true love.

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March Contest

For my contest this month, the winner will receive an autographed print copy of Winter Magic and a $25 gift certificate from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble. In addition, 4 runners-up will receive autographed print copies of Winter Magic. Enter here.


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