Since I missed sending you a newsletter in May, I have a lot to share with you this month. I started playing tennis again (singles), taking hikes in the mountains, and actually traveled on a plane (more about that later). Here goes . . .

I set my table this month on my patio, with trees all around and a view of the Colorado mountains in the distance.  A small group of close friends will be coming for brunch, and since we’ll be outside, we’re looking forward to a lovely (safe) get-together.  I’ll be serving a cocktail to get the festivities started and preparing a tasty meal that includes some kind of eggs, some kind of potatoes, some kind of meat, and some kind of pancakes or waffles.  No, I haven’t decided on a specific menu yet, and yes, that’s a lot of food!  The fun will be trying a little bit of everything, especially since Bobby Flay’s brunch recipes are easy and enjoyable to cook and always tasty.

Coming in June!

The first two books in my Benedict Brothers: Tales of Modern-Day Royalty series, Invincible and Unforgettable have been recorded by narrator Pearl Hewitt (Oh, what a lovely British accent!) and are currently waiting to be approved by Audible. They should be available sometime this month, so keep an eye out for them. Here are the amazing covers created by Rebel Marketing Design, with whom I’ve worked for five years.

What About More Books in Print?

Yes, yes, I know you want another Benedict Brothers book to read, and I promise you won’t have long to wait. I’m working hard on Irresistible, Riley’s story, and hope to have it done soon. I think it will be easier to stay at my computer for the hours required to write a book now that I can take advantage of the beauty outside. And I live in a truly beautiful place. These photos were taken on a recent hike I took with a friend on a nearby trail.

Visiting Faraway Family

I flew to Durham, North Carolina, in late May to stay with my son, who’s my sound engineer, and recorded four of my backlist Silhouette Desires for Audible. How wonderful to hug my son close! I made a point of doing it every day.
It was fascinating to read books I wrote 30 years ago. In 1991, I was just beginning my New York Times bestselling Hawk’s Way series (these are the first 4 books). Little did I know that I would eventually end up with a dozen books in the series, with the final book, Hawk’s Way: Sisters (formerly titled Sisters Found) selling more than a million copies.
In case you’re wondering, over a period of 10 days, I read about 700 pages (!) aloud. Lots of hot lemon water and lemon cough drops were involved. We’re still doing a little proofreading and editing, and it’s taking a little longer these days for Audible to get recordings posted, but I’ll let you know when Hawk’s Way: JesseHawk’s Way: AdamHawk’s Way: Faron, and Hawk’s Way: Garth are available to purchase. It will likely be sometime in July. I’ll update you in my July newsletter.
Meanwhile, I thought you might like to see the covers Rebel Marketing Design came up with for my four amazing heroes. Enjoy!

June Contest

This month I’ll be giving away a $25 gift card from your choice of Amazon or Barnes & Noble and an autographed paperback copy of Winter MagicClick here to enter to win and good luck!  

Take care and happy reading,

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