Dear Reader,

If you are like me, this is the time of year when life gets really busy with school events and charity events, holiday parties and family get-togethers. I’ve had my share of each over the past couple of weeks. My grandson and granddaughter both had parts in their school’s production of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Meg (age 7) was the Five of Spades, and Logan (age 9) had a speaking role as one of the Jury. I was so proud of them both! I wonder if Logan’s joy at being on the stage has anything to do with having a grandma who was a drama critic, director of theatre, and actress with two degrees in theater before she became a writer? Hmmm.

Denver, Here I come!

I’m lucky to live in Florida, where the weather stays warm most of the year, and recently went with friends to hear the Florida Orchestra play Pops in the Park. We took chairs and wine glasses and were able to sing along with all the Broadway tunes, and then delight in the fireworks afterward. I’m heading back to live in Colorado in December (I love the mountains, the hiking, the Broncos football!), so I especially enjoyed what might be my last late October outdoor concert.

I joined the PARC Platinum Ball committee by accident last spring (okay, so I went the wrong night to a meeting and it turned out it was the Platinum Ball committee, not the Cassandras, and I ended up staying and joining the committee), but I’ve spent the summer working with the PARC committee toward the Platinum Ball, which was held this past weekend to benefit mentally handicapped adults and children.

One of the things I donated for the Platinum Ball silent auction was the right to have my next novel, MONTANA BRIDE, dedicated to a person selected by the winner of the auction. I’m proud to say I was able to help earn some money to benefit PARC. I invited friends of mine to come for a glass of Champagne at my home before we went to the Vinoy Hotel for the ball. It was so much fun dressing up!

New Bitter Creek Re-Issue

I can’t end this letter without letting you know that one of my novels,THE PRICE, is out this month with a brand-new cover. This is a Bitter Creek novel, but some of you might have missed it because it was originally published as a hardcover novel. I love this book because it has a wonderful romance–and a surprise ending. Fair warning: it also has a little more graphic sex and more strong language. I’m not sure why I thought that was necessary, just because the book was published as a hardcover, but I love how the book turned out, and I hope you will, too.

December News

I’m going to be busy this month finishing up MONTANA BRIDE before I start packing for my move back to Colorado. Oh, by the way, WYOMING BRIDE will be in stores in late December and you can pre-order now. So save some Christmas money to buy yourself a book or two.

Take care and enjoy the wonderful fall season!

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