In UNFORGETTABLE, book 2 in my Benedict Brothers series, I foreshadowed a meeting in Santorini, Greece, between the hero and heroine in my next book in the series, IRRESISTIBLE. I traveled to Greece to see where “the rest of the story” would take place. The heroine’s father disappeared two years ago. Where has he been? What happened to him? What secret did he discover that will take the hero and heroine on a journey to find her father, a treasure, and true love?

I traveled to Athens and several of the Greek islands, including Paros, Delos, Mykonos, and Santorini, in search of answers–and I found them. I loved having you come along with me on my journey through where I shared my adventures. Needless to say, I will miss the delicious lamb souvlaki with tzatziki in Santorini and the amazing moussaka a friend treated me to on Paros.

I had a great room with a view of the caldera, which is essentially a hole created by a volcano long ago. There is speculation that the lost city of Atlantis might once have been located at Santorini. (More great plot…).

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This picture is so perfect it doesn’t look real. But it is! No trip to Athens would be complete without visiting the Acropolis.

And of course, you see me standing above those famous blue-topped buildings for which Santorini is so famous.

My son’s middle name is Delos, but I had never been to the Greek island until this trip. The whole island is a museum, and no one stays overnight–except a lot of cats. Here I am with the “Lions of Delos.”

I wanted to get onto the water in a sailboat, as my characters will do, and also found Eros Beach, which most tourists don’t know about, where my characters can spend some time falling in love.

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