These Hands Touched George R. R. Martin

OK, so I’m name dropping! I’ll admit it. It wasn’t easy getting next to one of the biggest names in the business, so it was pretty exciting when I was able to say “hello” to George R. R. Martin while at Thrillerfest in New York. The hand on the left touched his shoulder, and the one on the right shook his hand. What fun it was to meet him!

While I was in New York, I had lunch with my Penguin Random House editor Shauna Summers, and my publisher Gina Wachtel. I also got together with my good friend, Meg Gardiner. I just finished reading her newest UNSUB novel, INTO THE BLACK NOWHERE, which is a taut thriller. No wonder the UNSUB books are being turned into a new series on CBS! To learn more about my recommended books, or order your copy, click here.

I Love the Theatre!

While I was in London I saw The King and I, an absolutely wonderful romance.  I then saw four plays in New York, of which Anastasia, another exceptional romance, was my favorite.

August Contest

This month I’m giving away a $25 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card, your choice.  Contest ends August 31, 2018. Click here to enter to win. Good luck!

Hanging out in NYC with my Penguin Random House Editor Shauna Summers and my Publisher Gina Wachtel.

I also got together with my good friend and fellow author Meg Gardiner.

Upcoming Booksweeps Contests

I’m participating in several upcoming Booksweeps contests along with other great authors. Win dozens of books from your favorites as well as a new eReader! Mark your calendars. The first one includes my Regency novel CAPTIVE.  Watch my Facebook page for registration links to these great giveaways. 

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